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Nikken PiMag Optimizer II

Nikken PiMag Optimizer 2

Take wellness into your own hands with the Nikken PiMag Optimizer II. The Nikken PiMag Optimizer II uses the same forces as those found in nature — magnetic energy, water agitation for natural oxygenating, pi technology — to produce water that is optimized, ideal for any use. The two-liter water pitcher with a closeable spout keeps optimized water ready for drinking. The ergonomic layout of the Optimizer II requires minimal counter space, and the digital readout panel includes multiple functions. Nikken PiMag Optimizer 2 The PiMag Optimizer II takes PiMag water to a whole new level of excellence as if it had just cascaded over the rocks and pebbles of a mountain stream. The PiMag Optimizer two oxygenates the water and improves its bio-availability to the body through reducing the size of clusters of water molecules. Water quality is further enhanced by circulating it through a ring of pi-ceramic material and a complex magnetic field. Rapid water movement in a vortex (cyclone) pattern oxygenates the water for enhanced performance. This controlled turbulence is caused by a rapidly spinning rotor at the base of the Optimizer II pitcher under the influence of a rotating 3,500 gauss magnet. This action also passes the water through complex magnetic fields throughout the optimising cycle. These magnetic fields are generated by a pair of revolving 4,400 gauss magnets with opposing polarity within the motor housing. The Optimizer II’s digital readout panel measures the optimising cycle time, and the total number of hours of use to indicate when it is time to change the Pi Ring.

Nikken PiMag Optimizer II vortex
Nikken PiMag Optimizer II vortex
Features Benefits
Patented technology Reduces the size of clusters of water molecules to improve the water’s bio-availability to the body.
Vortex pattern Oxygenates the water for enhanced performance
Rotor Spins rapidly under magnetic power to agitate the water at high speed
Optimizer II Pi Ring Contains pi-ceramics to help normalise pH and introduce far-infrared energy
2 x 4,400 gauss magnets Create a complex magnetic field to energise the water
Digital read-out panel Sets optimising cycle and measures hours of use to indicate when it is time to change the Pi Ring
Full 2 litre capacity Ideal quantity for immediate use or storage

Nikken PiMag Optimizer II Facts

  • The PiMag Optimizer II is not a water purifier. That’s the job of your PiMag Water Fountain or PiMag Water System.
  • The Optimizer II adds oxygen and breaks down the size of water molecules to increase its bio-availabilty to the body.
  • Water quality is further enhanced by circulation through a ring of pi-ceramic material and complex magnetic fields.
  • A vortex of cyclone pattern created by the product’s unique design, oxygenates the water during the optimising cycle for enhanced performance.
  • A special rotor sitting at the base of the machine is activated by rotating 3,500 gauss magnet inside the motor housing. This action passes water through complex magnetic fields during the programmed operation.
  • The Optimizer II Pi Ring is filled with pi-ceramic materials consisting of calcium carbonate and other minerals to help normalise pH, enhance mineral composition, and introduce far-infrared energy to improved the bio-availability of water
  • A pair of strong 4,400 gauss magnets positioned with opposing polarity within the motor housing, revolve rapidly to create a complex magnetic field.
  • The PiMag Optimizer II contains a digital read-out panel the measures the nine minute optimising cycle time. It also measures the total number of hours of use to indicate when it is time to change the Pi Ring. The Pi Ring should be changed once a year or after 200 hours of use, whichever comes first.

Nikken PiMag Optimizer II Hints and Tips:

The PiMag Optimizer II is not a water purifier or filter. Best results are achieved using PiMag water. Refrigeration of optimized water for up to 48 hours helps preserve its freshness. It is also suitable to use and store the Optimizer pitcher with the Pi Ring in place in the refrigerator for convenience. Never add anything to water in the Optimizer pitcher as this will affect the Pi Ring. Transfer the optimized water to another container and then add flavourings according to your taste. Popular flavourings include honey, evaporated milk, lemon juice, and green tea. Feel free to experiment. Nearly any container can be used to store the water, however metal containers including stainless steel and aluminium are not recommended. The sturdy PiMag Carry Mate is a handy way to enjoy refreshing PiMag optimized water whatever the situation – work, school, gym, while traveling or simply at leisure.

Nikken PiMag Optimizer II Warranty Info: The PiMag Optimizer II is covered by a 12 months warranty from date of purchase against faulty materials and workmanship under normal use. This warranty does not cover misuse, negligent handling, or damage caused by attempted repair, or the Optimizer II Replacement Ring. Since 1975 Nikken has been the cutting edge developer and creator of magnetic technologies and has over the years evolved into the Worlds Total Wellness Company. Nikken offers over 200 products in its line up including Nutrition & Weight Management products, Sleep Systems endorsed by the World Federation of Chiropractic, Fitness and Environment Products. Nikken PiMag Optimizer II is distributed Exclusively by Nikken Independent Distributors. If you would like more information about Nikken Maboy or other Nikken products please fill out the form and a Nikken Independent Distributor will contact you shortly.

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